Drawn by regional produce

After visiting the Louvre-Lens why not check out some of the unusual spots and taste some of the traditional local flavours? You'll find a delightful selection here.

Drawn by sporting thrills

The lands of the Nord are full of outstanding places for sporting activities – MTBing, running, golfing, and even skiing, believe it or not! So you’re bound to find an outlet for all your energy. 

Drawn by remembrance 

The area was extraordinarily hard-hit by the First World War. Every year tourists from all over the world come to visit the graves of their forefathers and honour their memory. The hundredth anniversary of the Great War has seen an increasing number of commemorative events to never forget these places laden in symbolism. Here are some of them, including the "Ring of Remembrance" memorial inaugurated in November 2014, with the names of all the soldiers who disappeared, irrespective of nationality.