Last chance to take part before this major event bows out. 
And what an event it is! Since it was set up in 2006 ever more sports people have come from far and wide to swell the ranks of the participants in this competition, the only one of its kind in France.

An itinerant, multisport adventure race

This two-day orienteering event provides a fun opportunity to explore the area, and requires both athletic performance and strategic skill. The course runs for 200 kilometres through the mining area, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2012. That's 200 kilometres through countryside, towns, and forests, to enable participants to discover unique and often little-known landscapes.


The purpose of the adventure race

And that is precisely what the Mining Area Adventure Race is all about – exploring a region undergoing major change, and showing that you can go river canoeing, run down 200m-high slag heaps, come across Neolithic sites, stumble upon old abbeys, and bivouac under the stars on the old mining sites.

Pour son ultime édition (avant de revenir sous une autre forme), le Raid Bassin Minier, propose de parcourir les grands sites inscrits au Patrimoine Mondial de l’Unesco :

  • La Cité des Electriciens à Béthune (Connue comme lieu de tournage de « Bienvenue Chez les Ch’tis »
  • La Base 11/19 et ses terrils jumeaux.
  • Le 9/9 Bis de Oignies
  • Le Centre Historique Minier de Lewarde
  • Le site minier de Wallers –Arenberg (lieu de tournage du film « Germinal »

Different levels

The next adventure race is on 30 September 2015.
Visit for more information about the course and races.  

In order to make the event accessible to people of all levels, there are three different events:

  • The Elite race : for specialists, with a far longer and more challenging course, lasting 2 days.
  • The Sport race : the classic two-day event.
  • The Discovery race :for those who want to have a go at the race, with events on the Sunday only. The perfect choice for families.