The temporary exhibitions staged at the Louvre-Lens since it opened in December 2012 are illustrative of the regional authorities' determination to make a unique museum attracting visitors far and wide. 

"Of Animals and Pharaohs”, the previous exhibition, was a real success, drawing over 100,000 visitors (106,601 to be exact). People flocked there to find out about how man related to animals in ancient Egypt.

After “Rubens’ Europe, “The Renaissance”, “The Etruscans in the Mediterranean”, “Disasters of War”, and “Of animals and Pharaohs”, it is now the magical "Of Gold and Ivory" that is on display until 28 September 2015.

Of Gold and Ivory 
Paris, Pisa, Florence, Siena. 1250-1320 

The Louvre-Lens 2015 summer exhibition explores the intense artistic exchanges between the French capital and current-day Tuscany over the course of the second half of the thirteenth century. It draws on exceptional loans from twenty or so prestigious European museums to throw light upon the ties linking the great hubs of artistic creation of the period, namely Paris on the one hand, and Florence, Siena, and Pisa on the other. Over 125 highly refined works are presented together, including monumental statues, gilded paintings, illuminated manuscripts, and precious ivories and enamels. It shows how French artists working within the High Gothic tradition influenced Tuscan sculptors and painters of the late thirteenth century, within a cultural space that subsequently acted as the cradle of the Early Renaissance. The Louvre-Lens exhibition is the first to examine this major phenomenon in the history of art. 


Practical information

From 27 May to 28 September 2015

Full rate: €9

Free admissions for under-26s (a full list of those entitled to free admission is available at www.louvrelens.fr). Joint ticket with the "Chateau de Versailles in 100 masterpieces” exhibition at the Arras Fine Arts Museum: €10. 

Every day from 10 AM to 6 PM, closed on Tuesdays.

Open until 10 PM on Friday 5 June and Friday 4 September.