A haven of peace

The grounds are an island of greenery and their design is inspired by the traces left by coalmining here on the site known as "pit 9bis" (for 9b).

Paths have been laid out along the course of the old railway tracks that once carried the coal from the pits to the station. The old entrance to the site and the pit have also been preserved and integrated into the layout as landmarks.

The grounds also enable visitors to admire parts of the surrounding landscape, such as the twin 11/19 slag heaps and the typical miners’ housing areas.

Staging of live events

The grounds are a living part of the museum and events are often held here, such as open-air film screenings, musical performances, and so on. In addition to museum visitors the park is also a favourite spot for joggers, some of them in training for the Route du Louvre marathon. 

Practical information

Opening hours for the grounds

                 Winter - from 15/09 to 14/05: from 8 AM to 7 PM

                 Summer - from 15/05 to 14/09: from 7 AM to 9 PM

99, rue Paul Bert 62300 Lens

Car parks: Bollaert et Dumortier Stadium in Lens, and Jean-Jaurès in Liévin