An ambassador for the cuisine of the Nord throughout the world

Marc Meurin is a local lad (he was born in Lens) and he loves fine produce. He cut his teeth as a chef at Laventie, near Lille. After ten years running a bistro there, “Chez Marc”, he moved to Béthune, where he won two Michelin stars, opening Le Château in 2005. The Château de Beaulieu in Busnes dates back to 1680, and is set in five hectares of wonderful grounds, including a kitchen garden and vines. The chef serves top-flight gastronomic cuisine here. Breton lobster with brawn, vegetables crunchy salad style with ravigote sauce, sea turbot with creamed peas, artichoke poivrade, and wasabi oil with a hint of girolles - the two Michelin stars are well and truly deserved.

The cuisine is magical, and so too is the place, where you can stay for a night or two. The château provides four-star service in the most refined surroundings.

L’Atelier Marc Meurin at the Louvre-Lens - back to local roots

Marc Meurin is always bursting with projects and ideas, and when he heard the Louvre was opening in Lens, it just seemed obvious to take the reins of the restaurant at the Louvre-Lens, L’Atelier Marc Meurin. The restaurant is housed in a transparent bubble placed in the middle of the grounds, where the chef and his team enhance the local produce to perfection. The team at the Atelier Meurin are placed under the orders of Philippe Géniteau and Nikolas Lukasz, and work solely with local producers.

As Marc Meurin himself observes, "there are so many good things around here, why bother going and getting them thousands of miles away?”. The chef's cuisine is daring, indulgent, and affordable, with a set menu including starter, main dish, and dessert costing about €30. 

Add to that the welcoming staff and you have the perfect cocktail for a relaxing meal once you have taken in some culture.

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